Application & Function
Globe Valves are primarily used as control valves where moderate control or regulation of flow is required. Globe valves are marked with flow direction arrows as they are recommended to be installed with flow and pressure under the disc. The amount of force to close a globe valve against pressure is much higher than gate valves but the distance the stem travels is much less.
Cast steel globe valve, outside screw and yoke, bolted bonnet, rissing stem, rissing hand wheel, swivel plug disc, designed according to API-600.

General Information:
 General Design  API 600 or BS1873
 Face to Face  ANSI B16.10
 Flange Type  ANSI B16.5
 Rating  Class 150, 300, 600  & 900
 Sizes  2" through 20"

Standard Materials:

 Body / Bonnet
 Stem  A182-F6A
 Disc  A216-WCB + 13Cr
 Seat Ring  A105 + 13Cr
 Packing  Graphite

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